Friday, May 31, 2013

June Dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

June has traditionally been dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Many have devotion to the image and chaplet of Mercy as revealed to Sister Faustina. In both cases it is the love of Jesus for us which evokes our adoration and gratitude.

In the image above we see the heart of Jesus opened by the soldiers lance. In our prayer that wound which is the gateway to the Heart of the Risen Christ, now wide as the universe, can be a place of peace and comfort, wisdom and strength for us. We are all called to evangelize the world, but may be tempted to think we do not have the circumstances to “preach the Gospel”. Every human being is preaching a message by the very act of living. Is it one of joy and peace or criticism and judgment? Living in the Heart of Jesus we can be filled with joy and grace and our message becomes one of hope for the world.