Tuesday, January 13, 2009

When eggs were a wonderful gift

It was late on a Sunday night and the next day was my turn to make breakfast for the sisters. I planned a special surprise dish and then discovered we didn't have the necessary eggs. I had to go to the airport to pick up a sister who was returning from vacation and all along the way I looked for a store that was open at that late hour. There were none. I began a childish conversation with the Lord along these lines: "I know the world you are looking at has huge problems, wars, starvation, injustice and many people are asking for your help. You know I wanted to make a surprise for the sisters and I know you love them.... would it be possible for you to get me some eggs by tomorrow morning? I feel almost ashamed to ask you for such a petty miracle, but you are my friend so I will ask."

At that time one could watch the passengers emerge from the plane and I saw the sister I was waiting for. She held to the stairs with one hand and had the other extended carefully holding what seemed to be a box of some sort. When she came into the terminal she said, "You will never guess what I have!" Of course I knew what it was and had to restrain myself from falling on my knees in tears. She had brought a dozen eggs! Now we have to realize that the Lord only does things in the best possible way. Sister explained that these eggs were the freshest possible. Her niece worked in a laboratory and the employees were allowed to take home the extra eggs each day. These eggs were from the healthiest, carefully monitored chickens and laid only the day before.

Never will I forget the tender act of love or our good Lord, Jesus.