Friday, November 16, 2012


Yesterday I was on the Second Avenue Bus in Manhattan.  My fellow passengers all seemed deeply immersed in their various electronic gadgets.   Their ears were usually plugged or there was a one-way conversation much too audible for the rest of us.

I was having a far better time watching the parade of fascinating real live drama all down the street.  There were people with very funny dogs and some with very funny hairstyles... There were the loveliest of children and parents from every racial sector of the world.  There were aged people on walkers or in electric wheel chairs and children's strollers pushed by Nannies...  The array of businesses that passed before my eyes were a mini movie of the heartbeat of this great city.  The restaurants bore names from all the corners of the world, the most intrigueing to me were those called "bistro"  or "cafe".  These reminded me of the cafe on the Via Condotte in Rome where much of the 19th century escapades in Europe were planned.   Each of these vignettes could be turned into a charming short story as we wonder what is behind all of the characters I saw that day.

I had the same thought as I scrolled through an e-mail attachment showing the beautiful wonders of our world... I cannot travel to those places so I appreciated the mailing but I also went out doors and saw the thousand colored leaves ready to fall from the trees and the squirrels in their frantic preparations for winter... There was even the first time sighting of a rabbit on our property... but he was so fast maybe it was just an unfortunate squirrel that had lost its tail.

I am all for electronic devices and would be lost without the contents of my Kindle Fire, but I don't want to miss the excitement that is outside my window and door... in everything balance!!!!!