Friday, November 12, 2010

The Mustar Seed, another parable

Wearily the old man slogged along the seemingly endless road toward the sunset. He knew it was the end of his long life and he dreaded his meeting with the one who had given him that great gift.

When he stood before the Lord in the heavenly throne room and felt Jesus' hands hold his own he burst into tears. "Lord" he said, "You have been so good to me my whole life long and have given me countless friends, a wonderful family and many material and spiritual gifts... I am afraid I have nothing to show for my life."

Jesus smiled and asked the man to look behind him. There, to his surprise was a beautiful field filled with yellow flowers dancing in the sun. Jesus said, " Since you were walking with me, your faith was scattering all along your way like little mustard seeds clinging to your clothing. You didn't notice but many people have been enriched by the beautiful flowers sprung from those tiny seeds that are now delighting eyes and hearts and enriching the soil in which they have taken root. Come with me to your eternal reward!