Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December Franziska Notes

Franziska Notes
No.6/12 December 2009
Christmas is for the little people. Only much later did the wealthy and powerful get called to the mystery of the Incarnation. Christmas night is hidden and poor, simple, joyful. Shepherds felt at home with angels, saints and God made man. I am sure all of us have had the feeling that our mistakes get displayed on a huge billboard, while the many times we gave a kind, patient answer when we were harried and tired, and our struggle to give a kind interpretation to a seemingly grave injustice went unnoticed. Most of us are far more kind and helpful than irritable and selfish but we must often think those around us see us exactly in the opposite light.
Mother Franziska was born in a small farming village in Bavaria and was considered one of the little people and discriminated against as such in the opportunities available. She made the most of her gifts and what was offered her and became the friend of royalty, but she never forgot the little people. She was known for her kindness and her quiet suffering when those she relied on disappointed or calumniated her. Her ministries were directed to the service of the little people—children, poor country girls in service in urban households, retired servants with no home of their own.
The Holy Family in the poor stable at Bethlehem was filled with joy, celebrating with angels, shepherds and the poor townspeople attracted by the mysterious events. The Jesus of the stable is now the glorious reigning Savior of the World. All our instincts about God tell us that He is ultimate fairness. Nothing we have done in His name is unnoticed or forgotten. His Sacred Heart is carefully storing every tiny hidden good thought or act of our lives. One way to avoid becoming discouraged in our sad and busy world is to spend a moment with Jesus to let ourselves “see” in our hearts His smile of pleasure at the good thoughts, words and actions that seem to have gone unnoticed. Mother Franziska knew that the greatest source of joy is knowing that we have pleased God.